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Chicory Tip in 2000
The long awaited new album from Chicory Tip!
Single releases
Monday After Sunday / Pride Comes Before A fall (CBS 5056) 1970
My Girl Sunday / Doctor Man (CBS 7118) 1971
Excuse Me Baby / The Devil Rides Tonight (CBS 7312) 1971
I Love Onions / Don’t Hang Jack (CBS 7595) 1971
Son Of My Father / Pride Comes Before A Fall (CBS 7737) 1972
What’s Your Name / Memory (CBS 8021) 1972
The Future Is Past / Big Wheels Rolling (CBS 8094) 1972
Good Grief Christina / Move On (CBS 1258) 1973
Cigarettes, Women And Wine / I See You (CBS 1668) 1973
I.O.U. / Join Our Gang (CBS 1866) 1973
Take Your Time Caroline / Me And Stan Foley (CBS 2507) 1974
Survivor / Move On (Route RT1) 1975
Son Of My Father / What’s Your Name (Old Gold OG 9003) 1978 (reissue)

Son Of My Father (CBS 64871) 1972
The Very Best - Chicory Tip (Laserlight 12 337)
The Very Best Of Chicory Tip (Summit SUMCD 4099)
The Best Of Chicory Tip (Repertoire REP4816-WG)
Chicory Tip - The Singles Collection GLAM CD 29
Chicory Tip In 2000 (Chicory Tip CT001)
I Drove All Night
Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
It’s So Easy
I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
Rock ‘n’ Roll Medley
This Boy
Good Grief Christina
What’s Your Name?
Beach Boys/Jan & Dean Medley
‘Til You Love Me
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Son Of My Father